Herbal Apprenticeship Programs

Welcome to Moonwise Herbs. Here you will find information about our herbal apprenticeship programs. We offer two programs. One is a weekly program currently offered at our home in Sheboygan, WI and the other has historically been a residential program offered on land that we care for in Coon Valley, WI

In 2015 the residential apprenticeship program will be 2 weeks long and will be held at the Windhorse Retreat Center in Plymouth, WI. You can learn about each of these programs by clicking the appropriate links below. Programs are facilitated by herbalist Linda Conroy.

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“I loved every step of the (apprenticeship) process. It was so amazing to understand, hands on, how the earth takes care of us if we take care of and pay attention to her. I also think of how I grew during those few months. I definitely learned how to communicate more honestly and how important it is to recognize and voice my own needs and wants.” Fall 2004 apprentice

9th Annual Residential Herbal/Earth Woman Apprenticeship Program

July 22-August 5, 2015

held in Plymouth, WI

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Weekly Wise Woman Earthways Herbal Apprenticeship Program

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, if you listen carefully, you can hear her breathing.” — Arundhati Roy

These immersion programs are an opportunity for women to connect deeply with themselves and to develop a connection with herbal green allies.

Please be willing to make a minimum 8 week commitment to the weekly program. This intensive program meets one day per week. Participants can join one session or longer. (Cost sliding scale for each 8 week session is $400-450). Participants receive discounts on residential programs and are welcome to join community workshops as part of their apprentice fee. Register for all 3 weekly sessions, with full payment for $1,125.00 ($375.00 per session),

Spend time connecting with the wise woman within, while hiking, gardening, wild crafting, creating herbal medicines, discovering herbal nourishment and more! Creating sacred space through the practice of talking stick ceremony, nature awareness, guided visualization, practices in compassionate communication and more, we are guided through gateways to the green world. Participants in this program leave with a strong foundation in herbal wisdom and nourishment.

The first eight weeks are focused on incorporating herbs into daily life to promote health. Subsequent sessions build on this knowledge and participants develop a first aid kit and learn to apply herbs for common injuries and ailments. This program is seasonal, so in addition we will harvest plants of the season; generally speaking leaves and buds in the spring, flowers in the summer, seeds and roots in the fall and from the pantry in the winter. Participants who wish to receive additional guidance can work with Linda for 1-2 years.

*an apprenticeship is a commitment and a journey. Wise Woman Apprentices are asked to engage in the process on many levels, including practical, spiritual, emotional and more. Please be prepared to work on all of these levels. If you are not prepared for this, then take an herbal class, see our calendar of events. Sometimes taking a few classes will help prepare you for the apprenticeship in the future. If you already feel prepared I would love to work with you and you can send your expression of intention.

In order for this program to provide the deep learning that is required participants are asked to attend all sessions. No make up sessions will be provided. Serious students will be encouraged to continue beyond 8 weeks and after a full year of study participants may be offered the opportunity to complete an internship, working closely with Linda to offer classes, make herbal wares, sit in on consultations and vend at area events.

What you may discover in this program:

Ways to incorporate herbs as well as wild and whole food into daily life.

Skills for Identifying, harvesting and using local wild herbs.

Techniques for growing herbs for food and medicine

How to create optimum nutrition with traditional food preparation

How to make and use herbal remedies

Herbs for specific body systems

Approaches to connecting with the natural world.

A personal materia medica

Herbal Energetics

Herbal First Aid

Skills and confidence in sorting through health care options and how to be an advocate for healing.

An understanding of health with a focus on seasonal cycles and patterns

Life enhancing communication skills

The Wise Woman Healer within

Communicating with plants, plant spirit medicine


And much more!!!

These programs include guidance on your personal journey, use of our extensive library, materials and whole and wild food meals and discounts on other programs. This program is for women only and provides a unique space to explore the invisible feminine that our culture often asks us to forget. Male students are invited to work with Linda through independent study and are invited to remember their own unique relationship to the feminine through a connection with the green world. Feel free to inquire.  ___________________________________________________________________

*These sessions fill quickly, be sure to send your letter of intention early to ensure a place in this program.


Spring 2015 weekly apprenticeship sessions:   

Mondays March 30 and April 6, 13, 20, 27 and May 4, 18 and 25, 2015

Late Spring/Summer 2015 weekly apprenticeship dates TBD:

Spring/Summer apprentices will have an opportunity to participate in the camping trip to Rock Island as part of their summer session.   The fee for this optional summer session is TBD and will include all meals and camping space. Individuals will need to bring their personal camping gear.

Fall 2014 weekly apprenticeship session: August 27, September 17, 24, October 1, 8 and 15, 22 and 29, 2014 (*this session is in process)

Cost of the weekly sessions are sliding scale $400-450 sliding scale per session. Includes instruction, whole and wild food lunch and some materials. These sessions will meet on Mondays (9am-5pm) in Sheboygan, WI with excursions and field trips. *some days may end earlier to accommodate Linda’s evening teaching schedule. Participants will be welcome to participate in the evening program if they would like to accompany Linda.

*For a comprehensive learning experiences, participate in multiple sessions. A discount will be offered to those who participate in more than one session.

Apprentices who have completed all 3 seasons (spring both sessions, 3 or 10 day summer sessions and fall session) will receive a certificate of completion and be eligible for an internship position with Moonwise Herbs.

Apprentices are also welcome to participate in other programs that are being offered during their session as a helper. Look at our calendar, choose the programs you would like to participate in and submit a list to Linda @ rosemarygoddess@moonwiseherbs.com

To learn about our residential herbal apprenticeship program for women click here.

To Register:

For the apprenticeship program send an expression of intention for your participation with a $50-100 deposit to made out to Linda Conroy PO Box 166, Sheboygan, WI 53081. Your deposit is only refundable if for some reason we determine together, before the program begins that the program is not a good match for you. Once I receive a deposit you will receive a confirmation and you will be scheduled to meet with Linda either in person or by phone for an orientation conversation. Be sure to include the session you are registering for as well as your complete contact information.

If you would like to pay for your deposit with a credit card or paypal you can do so below. Please send your expression of intention through snail mail, even if you send a copy via email.

$50 deposit for apprenticeship program (*a one time non refundable $3 fee will be added for costs associated with processing this payment)

 For more information contact Linda: rosemarygoddess@moonwiseherbs.com

Cancellation policy 


“I realize now that I am the driver of my healthcare; through herbs, nourishing foods, mild tinctures, and only from a place of centeredness and clarity, do I employ western medicine’s tools. I am grateful that you offered me the resources to make this enlivening shift.”

“I am so grateful for your influence in my life…I have felt motivated (especially during the apprenticeship and the herbal trip) to look for nourishment, and I continue to feel motivated and inspired when I read your updates or talk with/write you. Thank you for all the work you have done to be at this place of sharing/being willing to share your wisdom and experiences.”

“Thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom and knowledge during my apprenticeship experience. You have not only given me a closer relationship with the plants in my surroundings, but have given me the ability to gain a closer relationship with myself. And I am grateful to have you as my teacher and my friend.”

“I think of you often as I give my kids their infusions and anti-viral (when my son has a cold sore) St. John’s Wort. I have been making so much cheese lately and selling it and the raw milk from our milking goats. Thank you for teaching me all of these wonderful skills that are now just a normal part of life!”

“Thanks for your inspiration in my life, it is continual and begs me to step forward into my full power as a woman.”

“You’ve been on my mind the last few days as I’ve thinking about my intentions for the coming year, and giving thanks for everything that has nourished me up to this point. Even though the time I spent with you was brief, I am still profoundly affected by the herbal apprenticeship I did with you seven years ago. I am grateful for your teachings on listening to your body, listening to the seasons, the earth, in order to find that harmony. I struggle with this daily, but I am returning to my plant helpers for support. Thank you for being who you are, and sharing that with me. I continue to benefit from your wisdom.”

“I wanted to take some time to reflect on my apprenticeship experience and to express my appreciation and new found feeling of empowerment. The apprenticeship exceeded my expectations in terms of meeting my need for connection. I had no idea how nourishing it could be to spend the day with supportive honest women each week. I look forward to continuing on my herbal/personal/spiritual journey and seeing what surprises and blessings I find along the spiral!”

“Our almost year together was a very powerful experience for me that involved learning about the green world, myself, my feelings and interacting with others.   Knowing which book resources to use and how to use them has provided ongoing opportunities for learning.    “Nourish, nourish, nourish” is what I remember most! And I use it several times daily to not only nourish my physical self, also my mental and emotional and spiritual self.”


Watching gardeners label their plants

I vow with all beings

To practice the old horticulture

And let plants identify me

~Robert Aitken, The Dragon Who Never Sleeps


“The enormity of suffering on our planet requires more effective ways of distributing much needed skills than can be offered in a clinical setting.” Marshall Rosenberg


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