Residential Apprenticeship Program

9th Annual Women’s Herbal/Earthways Residential Apprenticeship Program

July 22-August 5, 2015

Join us for this remembering- as we are invited to discover the meaning of the term Be-Wilder as it is defined by feminist author Mary Daly. She defines this term as to “lead the self and others on pixie-paths that wind deeper into the unknown; to hear and follow the call of the wild”

This residential apprenticeship is a unique opportunity for women to hear the call of the wild and to listen to their own deep wisdom. We will connect deeply with ourselves, the earth, herbal green allies and all that is. Women will have the opportunity to experience living close to the earth while incorporating herbs and wild foods into their daily life. We will create a community of that encourages, inspires and challenges us to look to the mother earth. plant sisters and all that is, for deep healing and wisdom. This program is an authentic apprenticeship where participants are offered support on their own personal journey and encouraged, supported and challenged to journey to their depths.

We will connect with the wise woman within while hiking, kayaking, dancing, harvesting, creating community, crafting traditional foods and medicines, practicing compassionate communication, sitting in talking stick ceremony, exploring nature awareness and learning a wide variety of skills including but not limited to cordage making, basket weaving, broom making, hide tanning and much more!.

What you may discover in this program:

Ways to incorporate herbs and wild edibles into daily life.

Skills for Identifying, harvesting and using local wild herbs.

Techniques for growing herbs for food and medicine

How to create optimum nutrition with traditional food preparation

Harvesting and preparing wild food

Home Cheese making


How to make and use herbal remedies

Herbs for particular body systems

Approaches to connecting with the natural world.

A personal materia medica

Herbal First Aid

Skills and confidence in sorting through health care options and how to be an advocate for healing

An understanding of health with a focus on seasonal cycles and patterns

Life enhancing communication skills

The Wise Healer within

Traditions of Healing

Communicating with plants/Plant Spirit Medicine

Experience with the birth/life/death cycle

Permaculture Principles

The joy and challenges of living in community


And much more!!!

This program includes guidance on your personal journey, use of our extensive library, materials as well as whole and wild food meals, participation in all other programs being offered during the apprenticeship. Apprentices completing the program receive discounts on future programs as well. This program is for women only, (although Linda’s partner John will provide some instruction) and provides a unique space to explore the invisible feminine that our culture often asks us to forget. There may be quest instructors and an opportunity to interact with the community through classes and other events. Participants will have the option of camping during this apprenticeship in order to connect deeply with the earth.

We will be staying at the Windhorse Retreat Center. The center is located in a beautiful glacial area adjacent to the 15,000 acre Kettle Moraine State Forest.  The Kettle Moraine State Forest is in southeastern Wisconsin, USA. The chief feature of the reserve is the Kettle Moraine, a highly glaciated area. The area contains very hilly terrain and glacial landforms, such as kettles, kames and eskers. This forest offers a vast opportunity for exploring the natural world!

*Please note that An apprenticeship is a deep commitment to study and learn with a particular guide. Apprentices are asked to work on all levels: mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical. Please be willing to explore all of these aspects. Apprentices are asked to be present for the entire program. If you are not able to make a commitment to the entire program, please consider taking classes or workshops, until such time as you can commitment to the entire program.The program builds momentum over time and being involved in the entire process offers the individual as well as the learning community the best opportunity for growth and support!

‘Cast your eyes down when you pray…in recognition: our only hope is in the soil…’ L. Keith


Past students remarks and writings:


Past Apprentices Share:

“I realize now that I am the driver of my healthcare; through herbs, nourishing foods, mild tinctures, and only from a place of centeredness and clarity, do I employ western medicine’s tools. I am grateful that you offered me the resources to make this enlivening shift.”

“I am so grateful for your influence in my life…I have felt motivated (especially during the apprenticeship and the herbal trip) to look for nourishment, and I continue to feel motivated and inspired when I read your updates or talk with/write you. Thank you for all the work you have done to be at this place of sharing/being willing to share your wisdom and experiences.”

“Your presence in my life has helped to break me open and give me revolutionary direction! I thank you, wholeheartedly and in deep gratitude, for sharing your relationship to the green and the goddess with me, and your clear and direct spirit!”

“I’m deeply appreciating the time I spent out on your land and how it created a space for me to be more present in my daily life.”

“You taught me more in those couple of weeks during the Winter apprenticeship then most people have taught me in my whole life. You were a good and at times hard teacher to have, but I am grateful.”

“This month-long program was a life-changing experience for me. I cannot say enough good things about the programs that Linda offers.”

“I wanted to say thank you for providing the container in which I was able to find my inner strength. I am feeling stronger, empowered, and more alive then I have ever felt in my life. Living within the Wise Women Tradition and embracing my illness instead of demonizing it and letting it control my life has been very powerful for me” 2010 apprentice


Fees for this program: ($1,200-$950) sliding scale. The fee is all inclusive (whole,local and wild food, space for lodging (participants are encouraged to camp, some indoor space is available), some medicine making supplies, participation in community classes and workshops, instruction, handouts with articles, recipes and much more!). You decide where you are on the scale based on your access to resources ie if you take regular vacations,  you are probably on the top end of the scale.

To register send an expression of intention and $200 deposit to Linda Conroy PO Box 166 Sheboygan, WI 53081. Once I receive your intention we will set up a phone interview to determine whether this program is a good match for you and you for working with me. We will be working closely together and it is in both our interest to connect ahead of time in order to answer questions, address concerns and open to the mystery. I look forward to hearing from you!! If we agree this is the program for you and you for it, you will be expected to send the balance 3 weeks prior to arriving for your apprenticeship, unless other arrangements have been made. If we decide the program is not for you, your deposit will be returned-otherwise once we have agreed you will be participating the deposit is non-refundable. Feel free to email with preliminary questions prior to submitting your application:

To pay your $200 deposit with credit card to hold your place do so below. Please send your expression of intention through snail mail. *a one time $3 nonrefundable fee will be added to deposit payments made below.

 *note send your letter of intention early as this program will fill quickly. Be sure to include your contact information including address, phone number and email address.

For more information see or or 920-452-HERB (4372)


This program is primarily facilitated by herbalist and wild food enthusiast Linda Conroy. Linda dedicates her life to connecting with the green world. Her primary mentors are the plants who never cease to instill a sense of awe in her daily life. Linda’s primary human mentors are Susun Weed, Isla Burgess and Marshall Rosenberg. She has taken classes with other herbalists including Stephen Buhner, Cascade Geller Anderson, Ryan Drum, Eaglesong and Sally King of Raven Croft Gardens, Mathew Wood, Suzanne Nagler and many others, She has studied as well as explored womens mysteries with Z. Budapest, Vicki Noble, Starhawk, Jean Houston and other of our inspiring foremothers. Linda has a certificate in permaculture design, which she completed through the International Earth Activist Program and has been a student of compassionate nonviolent communication for close to 15 years. Linda has participated in the doula training through the Seattle School of Midwifery and the Midwifery Assistant Program through The Farm Midwives in Tennessee. In addition she is trained as a Wilderness First Responder. For over a decade Linda has presented programs throughout the Pacific Northwest, Midwest as well as other parts of the country. She is the creator of the ever popular Wild Eats Community Meals as well as Moonwise Herbs. Participants in programs facilitated by Linda walk away with an appreciation for the natural world as well skills for incorporating plants into their daily life. Linda has been working to empower women for over 25 years. She is a vibrant, passionate woman who continually seeks to deepen her connection to the green world!







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