Plant Medicine for Changing Times with herbalist, author and wholistic scientist Isla Burgess

Herbal Medicine for Changing Times

The Dynamic Evolving of the Plant/Person Relationship

Join us as we host visiting herbalist, author and wholistic scientist Isla Burgess for another dynamic herbal learning opportunity. This cutting edge workshop bridges the gap between concerns for the well being of the wild and medicinal plants and our employ of them for medicinal and nutritive purposes.


When? June 10 and 11, 2014

(10am-5pm each day with an optional Monday evening program)

Where? Wellspring Retreat and Conference Center, West Bend, WI (20 minutes outside of Milwaukee, WI, participants who are traveling by air, can arrive via the The General Mitchell Airport) For an additional fee transportation may be available for an additional fee. Please email

Both Men and Women are invited to participate in this program!

A clip of Isla speaking in Madison, WI

The last time Isla was in the United States, including Wisconsin we explored ‘Plant Immersion, Incubation and Inspiration’. This process has evolved and she is excited by the possibilities.

We live in a rapidly changing world. So do the plants we use as food and medicine. Isla believes we grow with the plants that grow around us, they change and we change. This relationship may be more important in the future as the planet warms, local climates shift and we both face new challenges.

 Herbal Medicine has become the domain of Scientific Research, this herb for this condition, an isolated constituent for that one. Isla thinks it is time for a new way of connecting with the plants we share our world with, a new way of research that both respects them as a sentient life form capable of expressing themselves and that expression we can connect with if we give it time. The process that she uses is an evolving dynamic process, a different, yet valid way of collaboratively working. By immersing many people in this process we together have some insights into the plants wholeness.

Join us for this cutting edge participatory herbal immersion.

Paid after to May 1, 2014 Commuter option with lunch included both days $375.00

For those wanting lodging and additional meal option





Email us if you need multiple options and would prefer we send you a an email bill.



Participants will be invited to be a part of this and if they wish to be a part of an ongoing global collaborative research process that will eventuate in new plant profiles that are not fixed in time but evolving. 

Isla M Burgess MSc Dip Tchg, Dip HM. FNZAMH.


If I was a plant then I would describe myself as a cross between Urtica dioica, Passiflora incarnata and Artemis vulgaris. A little of each but in no way an expression of each of their complex ‘wholeness’. That I could not match. I am currently reading, researching and teaching about ‘Plant-Directed Learning’ and different ways of knowing. My time at Schumacher College, Devon, England studying for an MSc in Holistic Science and time spent with Hohepa Kereopa, a Tuhoi Tohunga has lead to a deeper understanding of living in relationship with the natural world and in particular my relationship with the plant world.

I am told I am an inspiring teacher. I am an experienced herbal medicine practitioner with over 30 years experience and I have has presented at conferences both in New Zealand, Australia,Canada and the United States. I work part time as a Women’s Health Consultant in Wanaka, New Zealand, primarily prescribing whole plant medicine together with diet and lifestyle suggestions. I also direct the International College of Herbal Medicine. What is all consuming is the dynamic evolving of a new research possibility out of a 6 month course I offer both on-ground and on-line – The Traditions, Art and Science of Herbal Medicine..

 This I feel will bridge the gap between my concern for the well being of the wild and medicinal plants and our employ of them for medicinal and nutritive purposes. International Research Group for the Conservation of Medicinal Plants

International College of Herbal Medicine


 Being a part of two recent documentaries ‘Earth Whisperers Paptuanuku’ (New Zealand) and Numen (USA) has been a pleasure and I am the author of ‘Weeds Heal. A Working Herbal’.



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