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Author: Sam Thayer

The Forager’s Harvest covers mostly plants of the northeastern states (Thayer lives in Wisconsin), but many of the species discussed in the book are widespread across North America. Plants included in the book are: ostrich fern, cattail, wapato, wild rice, wild leek, smilax, butternut, siberian elm, stinging nettle and wood nettle, sheep sorrel, goosefoot or lamb’s quarters, spring beauty, marsh marigold, swamp saxifrage, serviceberry (a.k.a. juneberry or saskatoon), chokecherry and pin cherry, ground bean or hog peanut, hopniss, black locust, sumac, wild grape, basswood, evening primrose, parsnip, common milkweed, virginia waterleaf, nannyberry, black haw, highbush cranberry, burdock, and thistle. even if half of these plants are not found in your area, this book is still worth picking up for the quality coverage of those plants that you do have. 360 pages. 2006

The Forager's Harvest

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