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Lavender (Lavendula sp) Organically grown on one of our favorite farms in the Northwest. This sweet smelling oil, is one of my favorite allies. It calms me when I apply to my feet, my temples and/or the back of my neck. It is a great bath and body oil and is the one I take with me when I get a massage. This oil is healing to burns and is softening to the skin. It retains all of the oil soluble nutrients, so is a wonderful addition to creams, lotions and salves. A simple way to apply it as a moisturizer is to take a wet wash cloth and put a little bit of oil on it; apply to the face, baby’s skin or any other place that needs softening. It also combines well with other infused oils. Choose from 2 oz. or 4 oz. bottle.

Infused Oil - Lavender

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