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14th Annual Rock Island Women's Herbal Trip

Rock Island Wisconsin | August 15-19, 2024


Register early for discounted price and to hold your space (space is limited) 

There is 1 partial work exchange position available in this program. Candidates will need to have the willingness and ability able to arrive one day early to assist with carrying community gear to our campsite, we may make more than one trip from the boat landing.  If you are interested in work exchange for this program email to inquire. 

  • Ways to incorporate plants into daily life for food and medicine

  • Skills for Identifying, harvesting and using local wild herbs

  • Approaches to creating optimal nourishment

  • Cooking with Herbs for Health Nourishment and Fun!

  • How to make and use herbal remedies
Herbal First Aid

  • Herbal Energetics

  • Approaches to connecting with the natural world

  • Life enhancing communication skills

  • The Wise Woman Healer within

  • An understanding of health with a focus on seasonal cycles and patterns

  • Communicating with plants and plant spirit medicine

  • The beauty of spending time with a group of women (and occasional challenge)

  • The joy of camping in a beautiful serene place

  • Empowerment and connectedness

  • Mystery

Some things you will discover:
Rock Island Herbal Trip

Join herbalist and wildcrafter Linda Conroy, MSS, MLSP for this amazing journey on a primitive island located off of the tip of Door County peninsula in Lake Michigan. Cars and even bikes are not allowed on the 912-acre island, making for an experience unlike any other. There are 10 miles of hiking trails, including a one-mile interpretive trail and 5,000 feet of beach. This herbal intensive will offer an opportunity to connect deeply with the plants on this remote island. Participants will hike the island, commune with green allies and enjoy camping right along the lake.

We will set up a base camp and day hikes will be initiated from there. Glorious views and tranquility will bring us closer to the natural world and our own true nature. We will incorporate plants into our daily meals and learn to identify and work with a wide variety of plants for food and medicine. There will be daily instruction both formal and informal; come prepared to focus on learning plant wisdom and Wise Woman Ways.

This program requires that you are able to carry your belongings and a couple of group items a little over a mile. I would consider this a moderate hike. A backpack is recommended and you will be carrying your own tent, personal items, and personal eating utensils. We will meet at the dock on Washington Island to distribute weight and items prior to boarding the boat for Rock Island. You will also be coached on what items to bring.

We will provide a common place shelter as well as food and shared cooking utensils. If you have questions prior to registering, email Linda at

The reward for all of this is camping in a beautiful serene place, connecting with nature’s allies, and an education that will enhance your life. There is an outhouse close by and swimming in the lake is encouraged.

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