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Moonwise Herbs and Linda Conroy in the news!

Enjoy these articles and resources.



Herbs and Fermentation with Linda Conroy and Donna Bemis

Linda Conroy is the proprietress of Moonwise Herbs. She has extensive experience and expertise on the topic of fermentation and herbs for digestive health. Listen to this interview with Linda and host Donna Bemis from 103.5 Sun Praire Radio in Wisconsin. Listen here.

Natural Awakenings Magazine

Five Reasons to Include Mushrooms for Better Health

Linda Conroy discusses the health benefits of mushrooms, and how they can increase optimal body function and prevent disease. Read here.



The Larry Meiller Show

Herbs have been used for centuries for cooking and healing.  Learn about the wild and native herbs wild and native herbs of Wisconsin and The Midwest. and their uses. Learn more!

Mountain Rose

Herbal Radio Podcast

In this special episode, Linda asks, “What if nourishment works?”  We explore nourishing life, foraging, food as medicine, and some of Linda’s favorite mushrooms for the kitchen and apothecary. Listen here.


Natural Awakenings

From The Herbal Apothecary: Herbs to Start Using Today

Herbalism is a tradition with ancient roots that is commonly practiced around the world. Learn how herbs help to support overall health and strengthen many body systems, offering significant nutrients, boosting immune function, and enhancing cardiovascular and digestive health. Read here.

Natural Awakenings Magazine

The Magic of Mushrooms

In this episode, Linda dives into the characteristics and benefits of mushrooms, along with how we can prepare and consume store-bought mushrooms for the maximum nutritional value. Tune in here.

Picking Apples in Orchard

Natural Awakenings Magazine

Autumn Wild Food Harvesting: Enjoying the Bounty

Linda Conroy shares her love of wild food harvesting and the wonderful foods we can expect to find late summer and fall. Learn about the intelligence of trees, how to become a citizen scientist and more! Tune in here.

Natural Awakenings Magazine

Integrating Herbs in Your Daily Life

Linda Conroy discusses how herbs can be used for relaxation and wellness as well as incorporated in our daily routine to boost our health. Learn about the various categories of herbs and how they work on the physiological and psychological levels. Tune in here.

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