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Wild Eats

Join us as we celebrate the wild foods that thrive around us. Linda has been preparing wild and whole foods for her friends and family for close to three decades! Each Wild Eats meal will feature seasonal wild foods, whole foods prepared from scratch, and of course, a beautiful presentation. As we journey through the seasons, each menu reflects the bounty that nature has gifted us.


Meals are served at the Moonwise Homestead in Edgerton, WI. We request that a donation be made for each meal on a sliding scale of $30-40, unless otherwise indicated. Children are welcome and those under 12 are not asked to make a donation. *Locations other than our Edgerton, WI home may set a different donation level. *this is a requested donation, no one is turned away for inability to contribute. 

These are nutrient-rich gourmet meals and you are sure to be delighted!! We will place a basket on the table for donations at the end of the meal. If you are not able to contribute financially, you are welcome to help in other ways i.e. dishes, setting the table etc.

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