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Moonwise Herbs



"I have taken the 8-month program, all 3 seasons of the apprenticeship, along with online and in person classes from Linda. And I will continue to come back for more! The skills I have learned nourish my life in so many ways, and the people around me. :) From botany, cooking wild foods, herbal medicine, connection with myself, community, and the earth. Truly a gift!"

~Amber, Past Apprentice

"I’ve taken many of Linda’s classes and was an apprentice for two years. She has incredible knowledge and skills working with plants. I would recommend to anyone who is interested to sign up for her classes or if experiencing health issues to consider a consultation."

~Lori, Past Apprentice


"I apprenticed with Linda for three years and interned for one year. When I started I had no idea how to identify plants and relied on friends to help me find the plants I wanted to work with. Working with Linda ignited a passion in me for botany and now I’m very capable of identifying plants with ID books. Linda is dedicated to her students and she supported me personally through a difficult time. I loved preparing lunch during our apprenticeship day and was amazed at the spread of delicious and nourishing foods, much of which we collected."

"Linda teaches a wide variety of topics including making herbal remedies (there’s a lot more than tinctures!), foraging, cheese making, soap making, basket making and fermentation. I highly recommend her gift making class, its one of my favorites! She is a gifted teacher and her classes are fun and rich with information."

~Shari, Past Apprentice & Intern


"Linda is an awesome community herbalist! She shares so much wonderful knowledge and wisdom through her workshops, events, plant walks, and apprenticeships - with joy and a sense of magic. Moonwise Herbs’ herbal products are excellent as well."


~Markie, Past Apprentice

"Linda Conroy was a joy to work with! She was accessible and easy to get in touch with! Her products are the highest of quality, as she takes great care in making all her medicines, using the best sourced ingredients or wildcrafting them herself. I loved the dried Maitakes I got from her, and the tinctures were effective for my needs as well! She also offers wonderful learning opportunities, and my year-long apprenticeship with her was did not fall short! I will definitely continue to support her work!"

 ~ Stephanie, Past Apprentice & Customer

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