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(pronounced Pee�ma)

Orders will be shipped the Tuesday after it is received.

A Scandinavian Culture-this culture originated when it was noticed that cows who had grazed upon a northern European wild herb called Butterwort at the peak of its growth, milk would clabber at room temperature. It was then carefully cultured from this starter and a fresh starter is taken from each batch. Piima is similar to buttermilk acidophilus and kefir.

We make cultured cream, butter, and buttermilk as well as a feta-style cheese using this culture. We love the flavor and the resiliency of this culture!! Our Piima is fed organic raw cream from a local farm.

We will send you fresh cultured cream for a starter and instructions and recipes. You will receive a jar that is not entirely full, the reason is to allow for any expansion of the culture, which can happen if the temperatures become too warm. This culture can last for years if properly cared for!!!

*we do our best to package this item and mail it so that it has the best chance of arriving in tact, and just know that shipping fermented food cultures can sometimes result in changes that are unpredictable. We will happily send you another batch if something unusual happens, but are not willing to provide a full refund. We offer this as a service and are not interested in this costing us money to send. If the weather is unusually warm we may wait to send this item until temperatures cool down (you will be informed if this is the case). Please inform us if your area is experiencing unusually warm temperatures. For an additional charge we can ship priority with ice packs. Do note that we have sent this culture all over the United States and have had a lot of success having it reach people in tact. The time or two that it has not we have been more than happy to send more!! Please note that we may be willing to ship overseas, you will need to contact us for a shipping quote as it will inevitably more than shipping within the United States. For information email

Piima Culture

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