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This is our own starter, which we inoculated with the wild yeast from wild grapes. Our experience is that capturing the yeast from a yeasty fruit such as grapes, offers a stable predictable culture. This is a very active and flavorful starter. We prefer to make sourdough bread, pancakes etc. from our own starter rather than commercial leavening agents. We are providing our starter for folks who would like to have a foundation to work with. If fed on a regular basis this starter will last your lifetime and can be passed on from friend to friend and generation to generation. After you feed it for a while it will become your own. Our starter is shipped with instructions as well as recipes to inspire your journey

A happy customer writes: “I wanted to let you know the sourdough starter arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon! I put it in the frig ASAP. This morning I opened it to welcome it to its new home & I must say I could smell it even before I opened the jar – heavenly sour smell! Heavenly sour taste also – I love it, love it, love it.”

We ship orders on Tuesdays. Your order will be shipped on the Tuesday after you place it. Thank you!

Sourdough Starter

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