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Creating a happy, healthy business with heart

On the surface, Dr Polly McGee was hugely successful, working in a high profile role in a big organisation and excelling  in her academic life. But two months spent in an ashram training as a yoga teacher led not only to a revolution of her approach to business, but her life.

Realising her life had been about pleasing others and seeking value in terms of financial, Polly decided to overhaul her approach to business. The Good Hustle is the result of that change, offering ways to do good in business, both for yourself and others. In four detailed parts, each dedicated to a Buddhist teaching,  Polly demonstrates how all business can be connected with action, and serve a greater purpose. Share Polly’s experience as she describes the ways that women in particular feel they are not good enough, limiting their potential in business. Sections include ways to eradicate self doubt, such as loving what you do, living in the moment and getting rid of worry over what cannot be controlled. Following Eastern practises of tapping into stillness and contemplation, Polly demonstrates how to break away from the noise and distraction of the Western world. What sets this apart is the way Polly teaches us to manage businesses alongside her sense of mindfulness and spirituality.

By: Dr. Polly Mcgee

The Good Hustle

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