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Dandelion Flower Fritter Recipe

Updated: Apr 19

A favorite springtime snack!

Dandelion Fritter Recipe

  • Gather dandelion flowers on a sunny day, for the bitter quality keep the sepals attached. Bitter is great for digestion, so keeping them attached and learning to enjoy bitter will support your health. Bring your flowers inside, find a bowl, mix together one egg and one cup of milk. Add a cup of flour and your batter is ready. (If you like your fritters sweet you can add a little maple syrup or honey.)

  • Prepare a skillet with gently warm lard or other oil –I find that lard heats to just the right temperature for making a crisp fritter.

  • Immerse the flowers into the batter until they are covered.

  • Drop them into the skillet, flower side down. Dip and drop flowers. Check them frequently to avoid burning them. Once they are lightly browned, flip and brown on the other side.

  • When brown on both sides remove them from the skillet and drain the excess oil.

Hint: For a sweet treat, drizzle them with maple syrup, honey or jam.. For savory fritters dip them in a tamari dipping sauce, mustard and/or add savory herbs to the batter!


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