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Herbal Eggnog Latte: The Perfect Holiday Recipe for Herbal "Coffee" Lovers

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

While it is tradition to add alcohol to Eggnog, I like to steam Eggnog and place it on top of roasted dandelion and/or chicory root infusions.

You can purchase eggnog for this recipe, and if you are up for a delicious adventure, you can make your own. See the recipe below.

To make the infusion:                                                                                                                        ~place ½ ounce of roasted dandelion, chicory root, and/or other tea (rooibos is a nice option) in a quart jar.                                                                                                                    ~Pour boiling water over it, and let it sit for 2-4 hours, the longer the stronger, and more mineral-rich this will be.                                                                                                                 

~If you have a milk steamer, steam the eggnog as you would plain milk. If you do not have a steamer you can simply add eggnog to taste.

Sprinkle with nutmeg or for a wild version powdered Mondarda or bee balm.

Holiday Eggnog Recipe

·        2 cups milk

·        2 cups cream (if you have access to raw milk and/or cream that is ideal)

·        6 egg yolks (from a reputable source, ideal if you have your own chickens or can source them locally) reserve the whites for the creamy version and for making whip cream for other holiday treats (from a reputable source).

·        1/2 cup maple syrup

·        2 teaspoons vanilla extract 

·        1 teaspoon cinnamon

·        1/4  teaspoon nutmeg (freshly ground offers the best flavor)

·        1/4 teaspoon ground cloves

Simple Version: Combine all ingredients in a blender or stand mixer (a blender is less messy), and mix thoroughly. Chill completely before serving.

Creamy Version:                                                                                                                           

~Add to the ingredient list 2 TBS egg whites                                                                                 

~Combine all ingredients (minus the egg whites) in a blend and combine thoroughly. ~Whipped Cream: Place a 1/2 cup of cream and 2 tablespoons of egg whites in a bowl and whip until stiff peaks have formed.                                                                                ~Fold the whipped cream mixture into the egg/milk mixture. Chill and enjoy!             ~Sprinkle nutmeg or for a wild version sprinkle powdered bee balm on top when serving.



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Dec 22, 2023

Wow, who would have thought Bee balm powder, Wild !!!! You Linda Moon 🌙 hmmmm I have this Brandy infused with EagleSong recipe 😋. It's going to be a party 🥳 Lovey Hugs

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