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The Herbal Medicine and Wild Food Certificate Program offered by Moonwise Herbs is a certificate program, held one weekend a month for 8 months, beginning in April and ending in November. The focus of this program will be on incorporating the plants that grow around us into daily life for food and medicine. In addition, participants will be invited to shift and change their own health paradigm and to learn about the herstory of herbalism, from the lens of the wise woman/village herbalist.


This deposit is required in order to schedule an interview. Following the interview, the deposit will be nonrefundable upon acceptance into the program. If we decide the program is not a good fit, your deposit will be refunded. The deposit includes the processing fee for credit card payments. 


The balance of the program fee will be due two weeks after acceptance into the program unless other arrangements are made. We prefer to receive a check or money order for the final balance.

8-Month Wild Food Wild Medicine Program: Deposit

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