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August 1 and 2, 2020 9am-5pm each day.

Join herbalist Linda Conroy for this fun and informative weekend immersion. Learning to assess simple first aid situations, and choose the herbs that will aid in healing common injuries and illnesses. Looking at things that happen during many daily activites as well as outdoor and camping situations. We will learn about issues, how to respond, what herbs to utilize and in what form. We will spend the later part of the weekend preparing herbs for a first aid kit. Everyone will take remedies we prepare for your own personal first aid kit. Handouts and an herbal fist aid booklet will be included in class.

Linda is trained as a wilderness first responder, takes women on camping, hiking trips and started and mentored her apprentice students who work at the Midwest Women's Herbal Conference First Aid Tent.

This class will be kept small in order to practice a safe distancing. Please bring a mask with you as well, while we will be outside, weather permitting, there may be times we are in a closer proximity and it would be appropriate to wear a mask.

Includes nourishing herbal drinks and a whole/wild food lunch. Bring your own place setting and cup.

We have space for one person to have a retreat for the weekend, to stay in our rustic cottage/drying shed. It is a rustic, but comfortable building, private and quite pleasent.  The overnight fee is $30 per night.

For camping it is $20 per night (there is room for a few people to camp, either the night prior or the night of the program.

Indoor bathroom facilities and/or an outhouse is avaiable and a simple tea service and breakfast is included.

If you are interested in lodging email to secure your space.


Herbal First AID Immersion: Assessment to Application

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