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Author: Sam Thayer

Nature's Garden primarily applies to plants of the midwest and northeast, but many of the species discussed in the book are widespread across North America. Plants included in the book are: trout lily, solomon's seal, false solomon's seal, american lotus, mayapple, hackberry, walnut, acorn, hazelnut, prickly pear, amaranth, passion flower, toothwort, garlic mustard, blueberry/huckleberry, cranberry, black huckleberry, new jersey tea, wild strawberry, black cherry, sand cherry, wild plum, aronia, autumnberry, bunchberry, wood sorrel, honewort, wild carrot, cow parsnip, black nightshade, bugleweed, elderberry, jerusalem-artichoke, ox-eye daisy, dandelions, wild lettuce, sow-thistle, prenanthes, chicory, and salsify. 512 pages. 2010.

Nature's Garden

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